Thursday, August 16, 2012

Come an join as at ERS in Vienna!

We are starting our fall conference season by going to ERS in Vienna. It would be great to talk to you at the joined emka/SCIREQ booth B2.04. at the Reed Messe.

During the conference we would be happy to demonstrate the MSX (multi-subject extension) for our flexiVent FX to you. The MSX combines the efficiency of easily and simultaneously measuring respiratory mechanics in four parallel subjects with the highly detailed input impedance and Constant Phase Model measurements that make the flexiVent so unique.

Although our chief scientist Dr. Robichaud will not be present at ERS, she has looked through the conference schedule and thought the following course and sessions could be of interest to you:

  • PG4 Experimental models for respiratory medicine: strengths and limitations

    Saturday, September 1st - 9:30-13:00 - Room C5

  • New issues in pulmonary function

    Sunday, September 2nd - 12:50-14:40 - Halle A-19

  • Lung function tests in monitoring airway diseases

    Monday, September 3rd - 12:50-14:40 - Halle A-14

  • Mechanisms and modulation of allergic inflammation in the lung

    Monday, September 3rd - 12:50-14:40 - Halle A-18

  • Cell culture and animal models of lung disease

    Tuesday, September 4th - 12:50-14:40 - Halle A-17

We look forward to seeing you in person at ERS - it is always a pleasure!

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