Monday, July 8, 2013

Are you using the full power of your flexiVent?

A recent book chapter by Dr. J.M. Hartney and SCIREQ's own Senior Scientist Dr. Annette Robichaud features airway hyperresponsiveness assessment in mice using detailed measurements respiratory mechanics.

The chapter, published in Methods in Molecular Biology1, respects the 30 year tradition of the well-known book series of providing detailed step-by-step protocols supplemented by notes offering protocol related advice or tips.

While this article is primarily directed at researchers new to the field of respiratory mechanics, we invite anyone interested in airway hyperresponsiveness or detailed measurements of respiratory mechanics to read it. Click the book cover image for full details.

1Edited by Irving C. Allen, Mouse Models of Allergic Disease, Methods and Protocols.


We are proud of this contribution and want to offer the possibility to the 10 first readers of this blog to get a free copy of this book. To enter the contest, simply e-mail us your name, organization name and mailing address at [email protected].

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