Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Software release: flexiWare 7.5.2

The latest version of our Study Management and Experiment Control Software, flexiWare 7.5.2 is a service pack structured to offer you the choice of having the new Dose Response View while also benefiting from an upgrade that adds several new and exciting features to the software.

What you get with flexiWare 7.5.2:

New! Multi-Subject Extension (MSX) Support
New! Dataset analyzers for transfer impedance
New! Cleaning Wizard
New! Pressure controlled ventilation
New! Controlled delivered volume
New! Optimal ventilator waveform (OVW) perturbations included for mice
New! Dose Response view (additional paid feature)
Improved flow channel calibration for FEV and MSX (flexiVent FX)
Seamless database updating to include default templates
Ability to change experiment database on the Welcome Dialog
Automatic migration of templates


An automated dose response plot allows you to instantly visualize and export the meta-data for every parameter from every dose or intervention including the peak, mean, area under the curve, peak-to-peak among others. This time saving feature eliminates the need for lengthy post-experimental data processing and is available as an additional paid option. If you are interested in including this feature in your flexiWare software upgrade, please contact our sales team for a quote (1-877-572-4737 or [email protected]).


flexiWare 7.5 now fully supports the new flexiVent Multi-Subject Extension (MSX) that permits studying up to four subjects simultaneously with a single flexiVent FX system. The software now seamlessly adapts ventilation and perturbation scaling as subjects are added or removed from the system, and new calibration methods and analyzers have been added to support the assessment of lung mechanics using transfer impedance.


flexiWare 7.5 also introduces a number of enhancements to the control of mechanical ventilation for flexiVent users. We have added Pressure-Controlled Ventilation (PCV) as a new mode of ventilation that, when used with the MSX, allows standardization the inspiratory pressure across parallel subjects. For single-subject configurations, the software now offers a feature to control the delivered volume when using volume controlled ventilation patterns. This algorithm accounts for gas compression within the ventilator circuit to ensure that the subject is receiving the desired tidal volume with the best possible accuracy.


We listened to you and added more convenience features to this software version, little touches that equate to a better user experience and overall time saved. We have added a link on the Welcome Screen from which you can readily change your database connection. If you are upgrading from a previous software version, you will find that your templates are instantly converted to be compatible. In addition, any new databases that you create are automatically populated with our library of default templates. We assist you in the assignment of subjects to groups in the course of an experiment, you can now double click to zoom in on any data view panel and, finally, at the end of your experiments, you will find that you are led through the valve cleaning process by a step-by-step wizard.


If your current flexiWare installation is covered under our Complete Care program, our Technical Support team will be happy to assist you in downloading and installing your free upgrade. Otherwise, please contact our sales team at [email protected] for further details and pricing information.

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