Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Now distributing the tremoFlo P-100 for pre-clinical research

All of us at emka TECHNOLOGIES & SCIREQ are excited to announce that we have partnered with THORASYS Thoracic Medical Systems Inc. to offer the tremoFlo P-100, a highly detailed and reproducible Airway Oscillometry System (AOS) for lung function testing in large animals.

About the tremoFlo

The tremoFlo AOS is a portable lung function testing instrument that can measure respiratory mechanics in large animals (dogs, NHPs) non-invasively. The system comprises a lightweight handheld device attached to a cradle unit. Subjects breathe directly into the handheld unit during measurements via a disposable anti-bacterial/viral filter and a subject mask. The tremoFlo software provides subject management, testing and result interpretation capabilities.

The tremoFlo system provides detailed, physiologically-relevant endpoints of lung obstruction (resistance) and stiffness (reactance), as well as other advanced parameters related to lung heterogeneities, respiratory rate, tidal volume, dynamic collapse, and central vs. peripheral airway effects for spontaneously breathing subjects. These outcomes are translational and clinically-relevant in applications such as:

  • Respiratory assessment for safety and toxicology studies using dogs and NHP models
  • Demonstrating compliance with ICH guidelines
  • Studying the off-target effects
  • Integrating safety endpoints to existing toxicology studies
  • Drug efficacy and validation studies
  • Exploratory toxicology, cross-reactivity studies, and more!

    Offering a complete range of respiratory solutions

    As recognized leaders in pre-clinical science, emka TECHNOLOGIES and SCIREQ have helped scientists uncover novel insights into disease mechanisms and evaluate therapeutic approaches that target the respiratory, cardiovascular and neurological functions. We are proud to add the tremoFlo P-100 to our list of respiratory solutions used to enhance your research.

    Contact us

    Phone 1.514.286.1429 | Toll Free 1.877.572.4737
    Email [email protected]

    Learn more about the tremoFlo P-100 for pre-clinical lung function testing at www.scireq.com/non-invasive/tremoflo

    Learn more about THORASYS and the tremoFlo C-100 for lung-function assessment in patients (clinical application) at www.thorasys.com

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