Thursday, April 6, 2017

The End of an Era - retiring our legacy flexiVent System

Our legacy flexiVent system has officially retired starting March 1st, 2017.
The first legacy flexiVent system was introduced by SCIREQ in 1997 and some of these units are still being used to this day, almost 20 years later! During this time the flexiVent system has been used in pulmonary research applications, as an integral part of studies all over the globe, to generate accurate and consistent data related to lung mechanics.

Over the past few years it has become more difficult to support our legacy systems, with considerable rises in costs associated with maintenance and support for existing systems. After careful consideration, it was decided to retire the legacy flexiVent.
Should you come across issues when working with you flexiVent system, you may contact our technical support team at [email protected] for assistance with acquiring relevant technical support documents which may assist you with troubleshooting the issue. However, as the legacy flexiVent system is no longer supported, it would not be possible to send the legacy components back to SCIREQ for repair. Further, due to limited resources in sourcing parts, replacement components are no longer available for purchase.
The updated flexiVent FX system was introduced in 2010.
We listened to your feedback and are pleased to inform you that in addition to including all the pre-existing features and capabilities of the legacy system, many significant improvements and features have been included into the flexiVent FX system. Some of the technical enhancements in the new flexiVent FX system include the use of field serviceable modules, significant reduction in noise during use, increased data accuracy as well as the possibility to now measure additional outcomes such as lung volumes.

Since being introduced, the flexiVent FX system has been used worldwide with constant improvements being made on the system by our development team which will further assist you in meeting your research goals.
If you are a legacy flexiVent system user and would like additional information regarding the new flexiVent FX new system, please feel free to contact us at [email protected] or toll free at 1.877.572.4737. Our Application specialists would be happy to address any questions or concerns that you may have.

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