Friday, July 22, 2011


We are pleased to announce that for a limited time, we offer substantial savings of up to 50% on software upgrades for users of legacy flexiVent systems currently operated under flexiVent software version 5.3 or earlier. We strongly recommend that users of flexiVent 5.2 or earlier take this opportunity to update their systems at least to version 5.3, or ideally to flexiWare 7.

Why should you upgrade?

Our software continuously evolves, as do the operating systems and computers you run it on. To help you keep your software up to date and ensure that your system runs smoothly and reliably, we currently offer discounts on two upgrade options.

Preferably, we recommend that you upgrade to the new flexiWare 7. This software is completely redesigned to overcome some of the central limitations of our version 5.x and earlier software. flexiWare 7 consists of three distinct modules for Study Planning, Experimentation and Review & Reporting. A new data streaming feature permits continuous recording of breathing pattern parameters and vital signs throughout an experimentation session in addition to the familiar Forced Oscillation manoeuvres to measure respiratory mechanics. All data are stored into a database backend, allowing pooled review of data from multiple experimentation sessions from one or more flexiVent systems or other SCIREQ data acquisition instruments. Please contact our application specialists to find out about all the great features of flexiWare 7 and how they can help manage and accelerate your studies.

As a less costly alternative, we offer upgrades to flexiVent software version 5.3 for all users of version 5.2 or earlier. This upgrade will ensure continued technical support, stability and compatibility with current operating systems.

Important Notice: As of September 1st, 2011, SCIREQ Technical Support will no longer be able to provide the full range of technical support services for systems using flexiVent software version 5.2 or older.

What’s the offer?

Combined hardware/software upgrades from flexiVent 5.x to flexiWare 7.1 are available at a special substantially discounted package price. Software-only upgrades from flexiVent 5.2 or lower to version 5.3 or flexiWare 7 are available at discounts ranging from 25 to 50%. Your specific upgrade needs and options depend on your current system configuration. Please contact a SCIREQ application specialist or your nearest distributor for details on which upgrade is recommended for your system.

This offer is valid for written purchase orders received on or before August 31st, 2011.

Thursday, July 21, 2011


It is our pleasure to announce that Service Pack 4 for flexiVent 5.3 was recently released and is now available for download from the TechNet section of our website. This service pack resolves an intermittent stability issue experienced by some users on more recent EC controller models, recognizable by two Sync connectors on the rear panel. For users of older EC controller models that feature a COM port on the rear panel, this service pack is without effect and does not need to be installed.

Please note that we recommend that you ultimately upgrade you flexiVent system to run on the more recent flexiWare 7 software platform.