Thursday, November 27, 2014

Equivalent or better result accuracy with the flexiVent FX

Have you ever questioned yourself on the accuracy or precision of the resistance and elastance measurements taken with the flexiVent?

SCIREQ is proud to announce that a recent study specifically answers this question with the current as well as with earlier versions of the flexiVent system. Entitled “Comparative study of three flexiVent system configurations using mechanical test loads”, it compares physiologically relevant measurements of resistance and elastance obtained using 2 sets of characterized, rigid test loads that were assessed in a repeated manner on three configurations of the flexiVent system:

  • legacy flexiVent - flexiVent v5.3.4 (Leg-fV5)
  • legacy flexiVent - flexiWare v7.2.1 (Leg-fW7)
  • flexiVent FX – flexiWare v7.2.1 (FX-fW7).
  • The study, which is currently available on the early online platform of Experimental Lung Research, shows measurements of high precision across system configurations and reports equivalent or increased measurement accuracy with the FX-fW7 relative to the legacy or mixed flexiVent versions.

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