Wednesday, November 30, 2011


We would like to hear from you. It has been just over a year since flexiWare 7 was released for both the new flexiVent FX and the legacy flexiVent systems. Your experience with this new software is extremely valuable to us in understanding your needs and ensuring that our future product developments continue to help you achieve your experimental goals. Your feedback is an integral part of our R&D and design process, as we strive to ensure that your data is as accurate and reproducible as possible.

As you are well aware, the changes we made in moving from flexiVent 5.3 to flexiWare 7 were big. With flexiWare 7, we have moved to a complete, integrated database architecture, which has allowed us to implement features designed to save you time in the lab and increase your efficiency when reviewing and exporting your data. flexiWare 7 consists of three different software modules integrated together – Study planning, Experimentation Session and Data Review.

Study Planning: this module is designed to allow you to save time during experimentation sessions by pre-planning your experimentation day. This module allows you to input your complete protocol, create subjects, define experimental groups and assign those subjects to experimental groups in advance.

Experimentation Session: this module is similar to that of older software versions, as it is where the data is collected. We have now included a much easier to use script editor, the ability to edit and save multiple ventilation patterns on the fly and improved the overall user interface. You are now able to continuously record data such as vital signs as well as the pressure/volume traces. The system has automatic data set and calibration validation and has retained other key aspects from previous versions.

Data Review: this module allows you to view data from multiple experimentation sessions all in one convenient location. You are now able to create export scenarios, which can include data from multiple (or all) experimentation sessions associated to a particular study. You are also able to standardize conditions across experimentation sessions and reanalyze data according to the new conditions established, thus giving you full control of your data.

All users of flexiWare 7 are eligible to participate in this survey, irrespective of the model of flexiVent you currently have installed. We look forward to hearing your feedback on these software changes. Please click this link to complete your anonymous survey.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to participate.