Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Reliable, precise and reproducible data

At the recent American Thoracic Society meeting in Denver, many posters highlighted flexiVent data as supporting evidence. One such poster investigated how gestational diabetes and obesity may affect pulmonary development of the pups1. When speaking of the flexiVent data, Dr. Peter Vitiello of Sanford Research noted:

"The high reproducibility of the flexiVent allowed us to perform comparative analyses I didn’t initially think were possible. I know exactly what to expect and I trust the data."

The flexiVent offers precise control over the experimental conditions, (i.e. the frequency and amplitude of ventilation, inspiratory/expiratory ratio, standardized volume history), therefore providing detailed insights rapidly without sacrificing measurement quality.

In particular, PV loop perturbations are extremely reproducible measurements, which allow for small but significant changes to be assessed, using small groups of animals. In some cases, changes as small as 0.01 mL/cm H2O are statistically significant.

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1D. Jensen, BS, P. Vitiello, PhD, B. Forred, BS, T. Larsen, BS, M. Baack, MD - Maternal High Fat Diet and Late Gestational Diabetes Mellitus Impairs Pulmonary Vasculogenesis in Offspring of Diabetic Mothers. Poster presented at: Occupation, Obesity, and Lung Health session, American Thoracic Society; 2015 May15-20; Denver, CO.