SCIREQ Scientific Respiratory Equipment Inc. has been specializing in the conception, design and manufacture of precision laboratory equipment for preclinical respiratory research and inhalation exposure since 1997. Our dedicated team of engineers and scientists develop sophisticated scientific tools that yield reproducible data of unsurpassed accuracy and detail. SCIREQ’s solutions cover a wide range of pulmonary research applications, from the mechanistic study of lung diseases such as asthma and COPD to the development and validation of novel therapeutics approaches.  


The flexiVent, SCIREQ’s flagship instrument, is the gold standard for in vivo lung function measurements, cited in over 1,100 peer-reviewed scientific publications. SCIREQ’s inExpose is a compact, cost-efficient inhalation exposure system allowing precise delivery of inhaled pharmacological compounds and toxins. All of our products are managed by our flexiWare study management and experimental control software which is designed specifically for life science research.


SCIREQ has partnered with emka TECHNOLOGIES to offer complete and integrated solutions for physiology, pharmacology and toxicology research. As an established leader in the pre-clinical instrument market, emka TECHNOLOGIES has provided innovative products and services for in vivo and in vitro research for over 20 years. In addition to our partnership with emka TECHNOLOGIES, we offer solutions through our worldwide distribution network, catering to researchers in every corner of the world.