Tuesday, September 29, 2015

NEW! flexiWare 7.6 software

We would like to inform you that with the release of flexiWare 7.6, we will be ending software support for the flexiVent software (version 5.3.4 and earlier). To continue receiving technical support for your system, we recommend upgrading to flexiWare 7.6 today.

New Release: flexiWare 7.6

  • Critical values panel: Improved version of the Ventilation statistics docker from flexiVent software. Allows visualization of ventilation statistics and dataset outcomes. Alarms can be set on any critical value.
  • Channel calibration: It is now possible to re-use previous calibration values for up to two weeks with the flexiVent FX. The Aeroneb characterization now supports the new SCIREQ Aeroneb controller
  • Tasks docker: A new docker that combines previous ventilation, perturbation and script dockers with additional features like hiding or sorting Tasks.
  • Scripts: Ventilation, perturbation and aerosol dose script commands now accept parameters to modify these Tasks from within a script.
  • Data export: It is now possible to export data from within an experimentation session. The export progress page now displays export when exporting large amounts of data.
  • Event log: It is now possible to manually exclude a dataset from the event log. It is also easier than even to navigate between datasets in the event log with the new previous and next dataset buttons.
  • SCIREQ Updater utility: This new utility replaces the previous firmware and solidware updater. This new tool automatically detects all possible updates with the instruments and performs them with an easy one step process.
  • Experiment templates: The template creation wizard has been improved to allow for copying and modifying pre-existing templates. When starting an experimentation session, only templates corresponding to the configured instrument type will show in the template selection dialog.
  • Experimentation session: It is now possible to name individual experimentation sessions which simplifies finding your data in review mode. It is also possible to create studies in the study selection dialog in an experimentation session. It is now also possible to filter subjects in an experimentation session as well as in review mode.
  • Experiment database: It is possible to set a size limit on experiment databases to prevent performance issues (recommended 1.5GB).
  • Trend view: There is now a user-friend way to add outcomes and signals to the Trend View. It is also possible to see the color representing a subject on the Trend view in the site docker.
  • Subjects: It is now possible to reset the subject start time in order to allow for various subjects to overlap on the trend view which simplifies comparisons between subjects.

    Ready to upgrade?

    Contact us to find out if you are eligible for a free upgrade and how to have flexiWare 7.6 running in your lab!

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    Email [email protected]

  • Thursday, September 24, 2015

    The flexiVent at the Jackson Laboratory Workshop

    Our Senior Scientist, Dr. Annette Robichaud, and flexiVent Product Manager, Ms. Liah Fereydoonzad, are back in the office after spending last week at the Jackson Laboratory Workshop on Phenotyping Mouse Models of Human Lung Disease in beautiful Bar Harbor, ME. This year, the event ran at capacity with a total of 20 researchers attending and many more on the waiting list hoping to join.

    At the workshop, most participants identified learning more on the flexiVent and the measurements it produces as a reason for attending. While a few participants were already familiar with the system, the majority were novice and attended this workshop in hopes of acquiring a specialized training. It is known that the flexiVent is capable of capturing detailed and reproducible measurements of respiratory mechanics in vivo in a wide range of pulmonary applications. The Jackson Laboratory was a perfect environment to host hands-on workshops to see the system at work.

    The sessions were hosted by many authorities in respiratory research, such as Dr. Wayne Mitzner (John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health), Dr. Lennart K. A. Lundblad (The University of Vermont), Dr. James Lee (Mayo Clinic Arizona) and Dr. Charles Irvin (The University of Vermont). The topics addressed covered in-depth various aspects related to mouse models of human lung disease.

    We, at SCIREQ, are proud to have been associated for a number of years now with this renowned scientific event that caters to the needs of pre-clinical researchers from around the world.

    For more information on the flexiVent, please visit our website at www.scireq.com/flexiVent.