Monday, September 26, 2011

When in Amsterdam...Visit SCIREQ at ERS!

If you happen to be attending the European Respiratory Society Annual Meeting that is currently being held in Amsterdam (until Sept 28), make sure to stop by the joint SCIREQ/emka Technologies booth number F35 for a demonstration of our flexiVent and inExpose product lines. There are several new and exciting products on display at the booth, from the new flexiVent FX system that is on display for the first time in Europe to a prototype of the upcoming extension for up to four parallel subjects (see earlier postings on this blog).

As conferences go, you probably already have a pretty packed schedule, but if you have some space in your agenda here are a couple of interesting sessions and posters you could go to:

  • ‘Highlights in lung function 2011’ , Oral Presentation, Tuesday 10:45-12:45, Room 3.1 
  • ‘Translational models of airway disease’, Oral Presentation, Wednesday 8:30-10:30, Room 5.2.
  • ‘Experimental pulmonary hypertension’, Poster Discussion P3347, Tuesday 8:30-10:30, Room E102
  • ‘Efficacy of inhaled anti-IL-13 mAb in a mouse model of asthma’, Poster Discussion P4105, Tuesday 12:50-14:40 Hall 2-28
  • ‘Hypoxic exposure after smoke cessation restores alveolar surface area in mice’, Poster Discussion P3830, Tuesday 12:50-14:40 Hall 2-14

For additional details on these sessions please consult the online program.

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