Monday, May 12, 2014

SCIREQ joins the emka TECHNOLOGIES family

MONTREAL, PARIS, May 9th 2014 - We are pleased to announce that emka TECHNOLOGIES has acquired SCIREQ Scientific Respiratory Equipment Inc.

SCIREQ is a leader in the fields of preclinical respiratory research and inhalation exposure. SCIREQ’s products cover a wide range of pulmonary research applications, from the mechanistic study of lung diseases such as asthma and COPD to the development and validation of novel therapeutics approaches.

The flexiVent, SCIREQ’s flagship instrument, is the “gold standard” for in vivo lung function measurements, cited in over 1000 peer-reviewed scientific publications. SCIREQ’s inExpose is a compact, cost-efficient inhalation exposure system allowing precise delivery of inhaled pharmacological compounds and toxins. Details can be found at


emka and SCIREQ have been working hand in hand since 2002. Both organizations share a customer-centric approach and create integrated instruments that combine measurement accuracy and reproducibility with user-friendly software and advanced traceability.

Jean-Gérard Napoléoni, CEO of emka, said :

"SCIREQ has built a great team, and developed products providing unique and valuable information about the lungs. We are excited to welcome them to the emka family.”

David Brunet, Vice President of SCIREQ, commented:

"We are thrilled to join emka. This transaction is a testament to the team, products and corporate culture we’ve built over the years. Combined, we can rely on highly specialized team of engineers and scientists, and now have access to an extended network of researchers and sales channels. This will allow us to continue developing world-class research instruments."


SCIREQ will continue to operate its full team from its head office in Montreal, Canada. We will honor all open quotations and existing service contracts and continue to work closely with the research community to develop new and innovative products and applications.


Founded in Paris, France in 1992, emka TECHNOLOGIES designs scientific instruments for physiology, pharmacology and toxicology research. It is an established leader in the pre-clinical instrument market providing an array of innovative products and services for in vivo and in vitro research, and prides itself on offering outstanding customer service. Details may be found at and


The integration of SCIREQ and recent hire of experienced staff formerly with BUXCO elevates the EMKA-SCIREQ group as world leader in biomedical research instruments.

With a team of 60 and offices in France, Great-Britain, Spain, Canada, USA, China, Japan and a network of distributors, we offer:

  • The most complete range of pulmonary study systems on the market, backed up by more than 100 years of cumulated experience from our engineers and product specialists;
  • Telemetry solutions for small and large animals;
  • Cardiovascular, isolated organ and heart, and neurology solutions;
  • Software tools (IOX and ecgAUTO) providing the most powerful functionalities in a GLP environment.
  • A well deserved reputation for fast and reliable support and service.
  • Let us help you advance your research; please contact one of our dedicated application specialists today at [email protected] or by calling us toll free at 1.877.572.4737.

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