Monday, June 23, 2014

SCIREQ in Shanghai

Thank you for meeting us at the International Symposium for Animal Pulmonary Function Research Technology, hosted by M.Gen-Mu Zhang of EMKA-Biotech Beijing.

Last week, emka-technologies and SCIREQ traveled to China, where we had the opportunity to meet with researchers from academic institutions, federal safety agencies, and pharmaceutical companies to discuss trending technologies for in vivo pulmonary function assessment and inhalation exposure.

China’s strong investments in life sciences research, coupled with growing concerns over air pollution and risks of pulmonary diseases are leading to increased research into emphysema/COPD, respiratory mechanics, and aerosol exposure.

The symposium took place in the Zhangjiang Hi-tech park, an impressive biotechnological/biomedicine research cluster located in Shanghai.

We loved China, and hope to see you again next year!


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